Something Different – Zodiecat Notebooks

From time to time, I revisit a small group of cats – Zodiecats – which came into being some years back when my kids were younger. Like most stay-at-home mums on a very tight budget, I was looking at ways to generate an extra bit of income. I created the cats and dug up a lot of information about creating handmade notebooks. I even got as far as making a few dummy versions – and there the venture ended. A part-time job in a local school emerged and there was no time to continue.

Years down the line, you will see I put my designs up on Redbubble which offers all sorts of items for purchase with your work on them. But Redbubble is expensive. I then discovered you could create notebooks via KDP on amazon and lo, my Christmas Zodiecats were born.

I hope to create other designs for these cats via this medium and I am also looking at some darker images perhaps. Playing with graphics and design is wonderful as a break from writing and editing and I hope to take this further one day. Maybe actually creating and selling journals away from amazon – but that will be much further into the future probably, if at all.

In the meantime, why not pop over to amazon and grab one of these notebooks for yourself or friends and family?

Click on the zodiac name below to go to the purchase page!

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