UK Ghost Story Festival

At last, after what feels like months, I’m packing things up ready for the UK Ghost Story Festival in Derby, which starts tomorrow. Our first job when we get there is to get our table in the Quad ready. And that is where you’ll find me and my husband for most of Friday and Saturday! We’ll be selling a variety of books – my own and Alyson Faye’s indivually authored books as well as those from Black Angel Press. I’ve included a price list here so you can see that it’s possible to pick up a bargain when you compare the prices with amazon! A word of warning – we are only taking cash or cheque (there are ATMs very near the building) simply because the charges involved in using a card reader or make it not viable. Please don’t let that put you off – come and support us and grab some wonderful books, which we will sign for you if you want. We will also be offering a rather nice book bundle as a raffle prize. (Note – we will consider paypal if you have the app on your phone.)

On the Saturday morning, I’ll be taking part in the first panel at 10:00am Strange as Folk: The Resurgence of Folk Horror alongside Simon Clark and Tracy Fahey with Alex Davis as chair. We’ll be discussing the elements of folk horror as well as trends past, present and future. Folk horror is very much my happy place.

I’ll also be around listening in on the panel on which Aly is taking part at 11:00am: Writing Great Short Ghost Stories featuring Aly, Simon Fairbanks, Lauro Mauro and Simon Fairbanks.

On Sunday, 10:30-11:30am both Aly and me will be found over the road in The Museum of Making (the above events are both in the Quad but the festival shifts on Sunday). We’ll be talking about Black Angel and Women In Horror – where we’ve come from, where we’re going with this press and a special announcement. This is very much a networking event so if you’re a woman in horror whether someone who’s just starting out or someone who’s been around for a while and getting frustrated with progress, come along and listen. Connect with us and together we can add our voices to those others who try to raise up horror from the female (in all its inclusive aspects) perspective.

Getting sorted

This was me working out what we’d got to sell – minus Alyson Faye’s books, they will appear in Derby (she lives up the other end of the country to me!). It does look rather pretty when they’re all together!

The book bundle we are offering in a raffle are in the basket on the right and include: A Dying Planet (Flame Tree Press), Midnight in the Pentagram anthology, The Thread of the Infinite (Snow Books anthology) – I have stories in all of these and also copies of my books: Bottled, The Five Turns of the Wheel and Asylum of Shadows. There may be a few more books thrown in as well – I’m fairly certain Aly is offering a copy of Night of the Rider and Lost Girl.

And I’ll also be bringing some of my Zodiecat notebooks (see below)!

Price Guide:

If you click on the images, they take you to the amazon page so you can read a bit about the book.


Saver! Buy As the Wheel Turns and Five Turns of the Wheel for £14



Folk Horror


Saver! Buy Daughters of Darkness I and II for £11!


Gothic Horror



Zodiecat Notebooks!

There’s one for each sign of the zodiac. 200 lined pages.

£5 each.

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