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Thread of the Infinite


Thread of the Infinite is an industrial horror anthology from Snowbooks and includes my story, Transcending Nature.

Fearful of the direction his discovery has taken, John Carter drops out of work, family and society. Unfortunately, his former research partners had no such qualms, continuing his work in the field of nanotechnology-based communication. They make a fortune but eventually go too far and find themselves faced with a problem which threatens humanity. Carter is forced to return to the labs to prevent a catastrophe. But it is a race against time and time is running out.



Asylum of Shadows

Amongst the slums of Limehouse stands a new hospital, a monument to Victorian philanthropy. Marian, destitute and about to be orphaned as her father succumbs to the ravages of syphilis, is taken there by Dr. Janssen. This eminent physician offers her work and a roof over her head. Employed as a seamstress, she stitches shrouds for the dead and hoods for the hangman. Marian is taken to the ward of St. Carcifex. This shadowy ward receives the recently deceased, particularly those who have hung from the gallows. Her task in this gloomy place is to watch over them, make sure the dead stay dead. On Marian’s first night, she is charged with the care of two murderers, who, despite their hanging, do not appear to have the expected deathly pallor. On the second night, these guests are joined by innocent, hard-working men, victims of an unfortunate dock accident. Marian is enraged that such should be forced to share the ward. As her own mind falls victim to the ravages of the disease which killed her father, she metes out her own justice, her own vengeance – on dead and alive alike. 

Asylum of Shadows is a mini gothic horror novelette, the third release in Demain Publishing’s Short Sharp Shock series and available on amazon.

Tunnel 3The Dark Bites is a collection of my flash fiction written over three or four years of competing in regular online competitions such as Flash Friday, MicroBookends, and The Angry Hourglass and include many placed entries or winners. This collection was compiled for myself, purely to pull the majority of that work into one place and allow me to browse through and remember those happy times because it was in that community I sharpened and honed my writing and made many continuing friendships. This is flash fiction of the darker kind.



The Fiends in the Furrows is a folk horror collection from Nosetouch Press, featuring my story The Way of the Mother, described on amazon by a reviewer as ‘horrifying‘. I hope others feel the same way.






The Reckoning The Reckoning contains a number of my previously published short stories, now gathered in one place together with some new tales. From the horrors of the trenches in WWI in The Wire to the buried monster seeking a host in The Return and on to the Devil’s own Halloween Tenpin bowling session in Perfect Strike, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Available on amazon in both kindle and print formats.


Flash Fiction


Early Poetry