Like evolution itself, nothing about the story in these pages was born of a plan. It’s a collection of “What ifs.” The authors didn’t discuss the story in advance, they simple performed it.
The penultimate premise?
What if the biblical progenitors of humanity were bent on its eventual destruction?
The answer is here between these covers, in the form of a heavy-metal armageddon meltdown fueled by rage, passion, firepower, and hellfire. This is epic poetry like you’ve never read before—irreverent, gruesome, horrifying, heartrending. It will make you think, and it will clarify the meaning of the phrase:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Available here.

Metallurgy is an homage to the world of heavy metal and its related genres.

In these pages are 100 dark found poems created from the lyrics of bands as varied as Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Korn, Behemoth and many more.

Although all poems are completely original works, the sources have been fully acknowledged and it is hoped that after reading the poems, the reader will then go on to listen to the artists who inspired them. \m/

Available to order here: http://mybook.to/Metallurgy

Found poetry is an act of creation in its own right. By taking words already in existence in the works of others, something completely new can be created.
This collection was created in tribute to renowned dark poets, Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti. In all instances, we have indicated those poems from which we carved our own.

Avalailable here http://mybook.to/FoundlingsPb

Found Poetry Based on Book Blurbs

Note: all works are copyright of myself (the poems that is!)


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