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A bit of a Q&A here, includes some links and mentions of resources for newer writers

Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

A great interview as part of Women in Horror month.

JVC Art Studio with Joanna Vander Vlugt.

Had a great time chatting with Joanna about all sorts, including my latest novel, Reborn.—Stephanie-Ellis–horror-author-e1vpird—Stephanie-Ellis–horror-author-e1vpird

Siren Radio (Southside Broadcasting)

I want to know more about Francesca Marie’s psychic detecting!

Top Shelf Magazine

A few reviews for Brigids Gate Press and a mention of my gothic novella, Bottled.

Radio of Horror

12 Days of Page Turners!

Catch up with my chat with Aimee Ravichandran about my books and a special festive offer from Brigids Gate Press! Link to be added soon!

Books and Buzz Magazine!

For much of my author career, money has been exceptionally tight. This led me to seek out many open-source software programmes which are free to the user in order to create publications for print and digital and even make my own covers. Most of the programmes are relatively easy to use and where difficulties arise, you will find a wealth of tutorials at YouTube. This article includes my main recommendations for those looking at self-publishing with no money in the bank (which has been me on many an occasion!).

Interview with Literary Tribune 5.12.2022

The Douglas Coleman Show 26.11.22

House of Mystery Radio on NBC with Alan Warren – airs 11.11.22

Talking folk horror and my novels Reborn and The Five Turns of the Wheel, metal and poetry!

Alive After Reading 16th October 2022

07/10/2022 – Siren Radio Interview with Alex Lewczuk, talking about my books, metal and moshcats!

Resonance Rewind Ep 141 `The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy` southsidebroadcasting

The 2005 Garth Jennings directed version of the Douglas Adams Radio-play/novel/TV series is considered and discussed by Cathy Manso, Jenny Bill, Alex Lewczuk & Natasha Wanten.
  1. Resonance Rewind Ep 141 `The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy`
  2. G.S. Gerry,`Meth, Murder & Amazon` Jennie Finch Tipperary Tales & English Tourism Week
  3. The Midweek Drive LIVE Mar 15th 2023
  4. Lorraine Bellis, Herbs of Grace, Jeremy Thomas, Leo Allen and Professor Geoffrey Hackett
  5. Memento Vivere Episode 1 Eugene

Authority Magazine – 5 Things You Need to Know to Become a Great Author

The Con-Versation – host, Greg Kelso.

BuzzBookExpo 18th Sept, 2022

Brigids Gate Press authors give readings from their upcoming books. I read from The Woodcutter, out in 2023. Join me, Jerry Roth, KC Grifant and Ben Monroe and discover what’s in store!

Dark Fusion Podcast

The podcast is now on hiatus, but join me and fellow writers, Shane Douglas Keene and Beverley Lee, as we talk to a range of authors from the horror genre.

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