One, Two, I See You

My last post was quite a serious one so I thought it was time to strike a balance and touch on happier things.

A few years back I rewrote a nursery rhyme, just for fun. That rhyme was a version of The House that Jack Built which I gave a Ripper vibe. It appeared on a defunct website called Readwave and I wrote a few others. These were all well-received. Over a period of time I wrote about 25 more and gathered them with my dark verse in my collection, Dark is my Playground. I always intended to expand on these, presenting a somewhat darker edition of Mother Goose and so I’ve written another batch which allows me to gather old and new together in One, Two, I See You. This collection contains sixty twisted rhymes – although how you make some nursery rhymes darker is beyond me, I mean Three Blind Mice? Well, actually I did it but you get my drift, a lot of nursery rhymes are alreaady pretty dark and often violent.

You’ll find Humpty Dumpty digging a grave, the Muffin Man baking his cakes with a special batter, Little Boy Blue changing beneath a full moon and Bobby Shaftoe in bits on the shore. There are many more twists to be found in this collection which I created purely for the fun of it and if you want to dip in, you can get the ebook here The paperback will be available soon.

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