Writing The Dream

The writing world is an uncertain place. You need resilience to keep going, to pick yourself up after yet another rejection – which happens with far greater regularity than acceptance – and put yourself out there – again.

I have been writing for several years now, building up from flash and poetry to short stories and novellas and novels and many times over that period I have felt like giving up (even as recently as last year) – but I didn’t. Instead, I kept on, regarding it as serving an apprenticeship, and it is now beginning to pay off. Please note, however, that I still feel very much like the beginner I was at the start, the one always looking at the successes of other others and thinking how far I have yet to go. I’ve climbed a few rungs since then but still regard myself as one of those looking up ‘with miles to go’ (to quote Robert Frost).

Last weekend was a particular highpoint as I was at last able to secure a home of sorts with Silver Shamrock Publishing, signing a 3-year contract with them for 2 books a year. I have a few novels in the bag already which I hope will get approval and relieve a little of that pressure but if not – well, I’m writing my follow-up to Five Turns at the minute and already know what novella I want to write when that is done. I just want to say a huge thank you to Ken McKinley of Silver Shamrock for his faith in me, and to Kenneth W. Cain for his editorial patience!

The week also saw my first podcast which you can see here:

I might not conform to the expected horror writer appearance, but hey, who says we have to be the same or follow the same paths?

As well as that, the cover for Offlimits Press anthology, Far Off Adventures has been revealed. It contains a bit of a spooky story from me, Penance and you can’t believe how privileged I feel to be included amongst this amazing lineup. You can preorder here.

Other news saw the publication of the print copy of One, Two, I See You collection of ‘Nursery Rhymes for Darker Minds’. This little paperback sits beside me and I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out.

Other stuff? I registered for Stokercon 2021. As it’s online it gives me a chance to join in with something I wouldn’t normally be able to get to – though it’s going to play havoc with my sleeping pattern! Perhaps this is something that could be implemented going forwards – as well as the live event, they can provide this platform for those of us abroad?

Currently reading: Ozark Magic and Folklore by Vance Randolph. With Tower of Raven by Kevin M. Folliard and The Dead Boxes Archive by John F. Leonard to follow.

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