The DeadCades are coming …

As part of The Infernal Clock editing team (with David Shakes), I have spent a large part of this year gathering and editing stories for the third in the Clock’s time-themed anthologies. Previous books focussed on one day (The Infernal Clock, each story taking place in a specific hour) and set times of celebration (CalenDark, The Infernal Almanac); on this occasion however, we decided to be greedy and lay claim not just to hours or days but to decades – a fitting way to finish our time trilogy.

We have been extraordinarily lucky, and honoured, to be able to include a foreword by best-selling author (and CalenDark alumni!) Christina Dalcher and a lead story from Stoker-nominated author, Deborah Sheldon. Not only that, but we have been able to pull together an extraordinary range of flash and short fiction talent from across the globe. There will be more about DeadCades when it is published in the next week or so but today is very much Tim Youster’s day. He is the incredible artist behind the Infernal Clock’s latest cover, as well as having been responsible for CalenDark and my own collection, The Reckoning. Please send him some love for this amazing work at @TimYouster and if you’re looking for someone to create a unique cover for your own books, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

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