Who said Sunday was a Day of Rest?

Whoever it was – they lied. Have had a couple of days away from writing and the computer in order to celebrate my son’s graduation with a BA in Music at Plymouth University. He received his degree on The Hoe, although I’m not quite sure if it was exactly the same spot as where Sir Francis Drake played bowls. We’ve got him home for a few months now but he’s hoping to do a Masters in Jazz at Cardiff next September (fingers-crossed). I may be biased but he is a very talented musician and as well as his jazz and big band/small band performances has spent time creating soundtracks for videos and animations, so if there’s anyone out there wants a soundtrack for anything, get in touch.  He’s on Twitter @dylanjohnellis1.

Now back to the writing. Sunday comprised:

  1. Applying to join HWA – and being accepted (thanks to Nosetouch Press story!)
  2. Expanding the end of a story which had had a favourable response apart from the comment the end was too abrupt. This will now go out to a sub call opening on 1.11.18
  3. Submitting another story, also with a positive rejection, to another market – also opening on 1.11.18. Must mark the 1st on the calendar otherwise I’ll forget!
  4. Again, another story, also positively rejected, submitted elsewhere. These stories had not been sent out since their first rejection but I just haven’t been able to find time to look at the markets recently.
  5. Dived briefly into HWA site and uploaded details of The Reckoning for their next newsletter.
  6. Went over to Horror Tree to catch up. Completed social media scheduling of posts. Sent a couple of contracts out, a couple of rejections, read a few new submissions and made recommendations to Stuart.
  7. Updated the TWF 2018 Anthology document in Scrivener which now holds all stories to-date. This will be so easy to add to as the months go on and being able to move things round on that corkboard is wonderful. Formatting to do but that’ll be now and then. It’ll be wonderful to just be able to export the document at the end of the year.
  8. Uploaded DeadCades text and covers to KDP on amazon. Sent .mobi to Shakes for him to review and ordered 2 proof copies of print version. Hope we get these fairly soon so our publication date doesn’t get pushed back … if it does I can’t imagine it being more than a day or 2. Hopefully we won’t have to change it though.
  9. Did the washing up, 2 loads of washing on the line, cooked dinner …

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