New Release: Foundlings – and some kind words!

At last, Foundlings has fledged! A joint collection – written by Cindy O’Quinn and myself, we have created our own original poems from the words of dark poet masters Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti. Currently available as an ebook, a print copy will be available in the near future. Proof copies for checking are being delivered as I type.

If you want to know what people think, here’s feedback from some of the poets and writers we most admire in this industry and who have been kind enough to share their thoughts with us:

Praise for Foundlings

Foundlings is a beautiful, red glimpse into hell. Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis play with the words of two lyrical masters, carving, shuffling, and stitching together, gruesome, tiny tapestries. When held up the light, these poems reflect the chthonic origins but also new-born nightmares, proving that darkness has a thousand faces. Each poem is exquisitely grim: the underworld is monstrous, but so, so pretty.”

Geneve Flynn, Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson Award®-winning author and editor

“Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis sparking off the fine work of Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti, this is a superb, compelling collection of darkly glittering gems and flowers of the night. Likely award winner.”

– Thomas Tessier, Horror Guild International Award Winner

Foundlings is a must-have collection of hauntingly beautiful poems that will tickle the imagination like the wings of dying moths. Hats-off to authors Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis for giving us this unique book.”

 – Owl Goingback, Bram Stoker Award®-winning author of Crota and Coyote Rage

“This collection of found poems by Ellis and O’Quinn which is both familiar and fresh, re-envisions the work of Alessandro Manzetti and Linda D. Addison in dark and delightful ways. A stunning collaboration of two of horror’s best-loved poets paying tribute to two of its masters, Foundlings is sublime.”

– Lee Murray, USA Today Bestselling Author and Bram Stoker Award® winner

“With Foundlings, Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis have mingled the essence of their soul into the dark glory of Linda D. Addison’s & Alessandro Manzetti’s words, resequencing those words into a screaming orgasm of meaning, while uncovering new worlds. Foundlings places a hand around your waist and a hand around your throat in a masterful waltz between the new & the familiar, the grotesque & the glorious. It is an unforgettable tribute to two of horror’s greatest living poets, from two of its best writers.”

– Jamal Hodge, award-winning director and a Rhysling nominated poet. His screenplay, ‘Mourning Meal’ won five awards and was based on Linda D. Addison’s poem of the same name.

“Written and inspired by prominent members of the Horror Writers Association, Foundlings is a haunting and enthralling poetic journey. Renowned authors and poets Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis have “found” evocative words and phrases in the work of Bram Stoker Award-winning writers Linda D. Addison and Alessandro Manzetti, and used them to create new dark poetry. They have then distilled each other’s poems further, creating haikus like shards of glass – sharp, beautiful, broken. Not only is this collection a deep dive into dark visions and hinted-at horrors, it is also a scintillating exercise in deconstructing powerful pre-existing work until all that remains are bare bones and pure emotion. Foundlings will delight horror fans and logophiles alike.”

Anna Taborska, author of Bloody Britain and For Those Who Dream Monsters

“These vignettes of blood and darkness etched in gorgeous, evocative prose will keep you breathlessly turning the pages for more.”

– Christina Sng, two-time Bram Stoker Award®-winning poet

“Poetry begets poetry begets poetry. Foundlings by Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis pays homage to the source material, then enraptures us with a delve into their own unique arrangement. Bold and dark yet beautiful. At once sinister yet yielding to impossible hope. If you enjoy your poetry smart, riveting and infinitely well-seasoned with both despair and beauty, then grab a copy of this one. It doesn’t disappoint.”

– Justin Holley, author of Seven Cleopatra Hill

“In Foundlings, O’Quinn and Ellis sprout a garden of macabre flora from the rich creations of Addison and Manzetti. This collection of verses and haikus invites you to dance with your demons and angels through nightscapes rich with dark blooms seeded by the exquisite machinations of true aesthetes.”

– Jezzy Wolfe, author of Monstrum Poetica

Foundlings by Cindy O’Quinn & Stephanie Ellis is a beautiful demonstration of creative community strength. A collection of found poetry, the work is a remix of work from both Alessandro Manzetti and Linda D. Addison, but these poems stand on their own as original verse. As one candle can light many others without being diminished, this poetry shares a common spark but the flame it shares is wholly its own. These poets have found fertile ground and from it created a brand new thing worthy of praise.”

-Angela Yuriko Smith,Bram Stoker® finalist, poet, author and publisher

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