Foundlings by Cindy O’Quinn and Stephanie Ellis

A conversation not long ago with the wonderful poet and writer, Cindy O’Quinn triggered this collaboration. I have always loved creating found poetry and Cindy suggested we work on something and perhaps create found poems from the works of our favourite dark poets. Spookily, her choice of Linda D. Addington and mine of Alessandro Manzetti, led to the perfect source material and the results have been gathered into this book.Both inspirations are aware of this book and we couldn’t be more delighted or honoured that they have agreed to write a foreword for us.

We have also been receiving some amazing feedback from a number of award-winning poets and writers which we’ll be sharing with folk in the not too distant future.Foundlings is slated for publication February 2022 all being well!

This has been a fantastic project to work on. It was one of those which just seemed to ‘happen’ and so perhaps, was meant to be. Our words were culled from the books below – all must reads for dark poets everywhere!

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