As the Wheel Turns – More Tales From The Weald

My house move and resulting ongoing internet saga has meant little chance to promote my latest collection as I would like. However, Midsummer’s Day is nearly upon us and you will be able to return to the Weald, the world of Tommy, Betty and Fiddler and The Five Turns of the Wheel on the 24th June.

This collection contains 14 stories, 4 of them previously published, the rest brand new, as well as the first chapter from The Five Turns of the Wheel – a taster for those of you who haven’t read it yet. I have even included a love story – although of the Five Turns kind!

It’s available for pre-order here

I had great fun writing these stories (and creating the cover) and they’ve received some wonderful comments already:

‘A blood-drenched, mesmerising collection of uniquely British folk horror. You won’t sleep for a few nights afterwards – but the Weald is more than worth the insomnia’

– T.C. Parker, author of Saltblood and the El Gardener trilogy.

‘In Stephanie Ellis’ fictional world of The Weald, she has created a living, breathing entity, whose folklore and sacrificial practices seem so authentic, so alive on the page that it’s hard to decipher where her research ends and her imagination begins. The stories of As The Wheel Turns, which serve as companion to the stunning novel, The Five Turns of the Wheel, only cement The Weald’s place as a sort of British, folk-horror answer to King’s Castle Rock and I am hungry for more.’

– Kev Harrison, author of The Balance.

‘Stephanie Ellis sets the bar in disturbing, folkloric horror. As The Wheel Turns brings us back to the dark world of Tommy, Betty, and Fiddler, the stories as rich and blood soaked as the ground they travel. There’s a sense of unease that follows the reader throughout this gorgeous collection, and for good reason. One should never let down their guard with this talented storyteller.’

– Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Whispers in the Dark.

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