Guest Post: Plague Master: Rebel Infection- Trevor Stands Up to Zombies

With the release of book two of the PLAGUE MASTER Series, readers get to rediscover teenager Trevor Seth. Trevor is hailed as a hero for returning with a vaccine for the zombie infection. His celebrity also makes him a dangerous threat to the powerful Founders of his homeworld.

Founder Cameron acts as host and jailor for the famous teen, but that doesn’t stop him from running curious tests of his own on the boy.

plague master

Excerpt From Chapter 5 of Plague Master: Rebel Infection

A stranger bounded in, flipped the metal latch at the end of the aisle, and raced past the open door of the final cell. He sprinted up the open aisle and slammed into the side of the cage. He reached over, grabbed the half-zombie, and yanked it down, nearly onto his own head. The ragged thing crunched to the concrete floor below.

The strange teenager heaved himself up and grabbed Trevor’s pitchfork. Whirling it, he whooped as he slashed the big zombie. The zombie sank onto pointed tines. Trevor’s rescuer shoved the impaled body off the cage, knocking climbing zombies to the straw-laden floor. Black blood dribbled down the handle, pooling around his savior’s fingers. He was shorter and heavier than Trevor, with pale hair beneath a floppy hat.

“Enough.” Cameron sighed and dropped onto the fencing beside the younger man. It bounced like a trampoline. Rising from bent knees, Cameron faced the last zombies. He drew a pistol and finished two with quick shots.

“No!” Trevor shouted, hardly able to breathe until he spotted Hailey squirming out from under a body. He covered his aching eyes.

Cameron turned to the boy with the pitchfork, gun still raised. The boy dropped the pitchfork and grabbed his hat from his head. He turned toward Trevor, who still lay against the chain links, and hid a rebellious glare from the Founder.

“Well, Trevor,” Cameron said as he walked over. “That settles things. There are no Plague Masters. The dome collapse on Lindley was ridiculous negligence, nothing more. You are not the hero Elena painted.”

Cameron turned to the hatless boy.

“I heard screaming, sir,” the boy preempted, the picture of deference.

“Who are you?”

“Russ Olson. I work on the grounds.”

“I told my guards not to interfere. Apparently, I should have told the gardeners, as well,” Cameron said with a sneer.

Elena rushed through the open door. “Trevor!”

“Here,” said Trevor. He rolled over onto wobbly knees. The world swam. His fingers lifted the flap of his pocket, finding cold metal loops. Once his vision settled, Cameron would find out just what Trevor thought of his test. Hailey had been a good hostage. Cameron would be a better one.

“Miss Toknan,” Cameron said. “I am very disappointed.”

Elena’s eyes widened as she absorbed the scene.

Founder Cameron contemplated the zombies squirming in the aisle below. “Clear up this mess. You can manage that, can’t you?”

He stomped to Gerd, leaped to the steps, and exited. The others must have attributed Trevor’s infuriated groan to the zombies in the aisle, who munched on their fallen, distracted by their meal.

Sigrid appeared in the open door, her long shadow falling over the hunched zombies. She spotted Elena, and called, “You dead?”

Elena sniffed. “How is your ankle?”

“Better than your neck will be,” Sigrid answered. She limped out of the light, opened a locked case beside the door, and pulled out a rifle.

Trevor struggled upright, ready to defend Elena from the angry guard.


Read more excerpts and see behind the scenes of the PLAGUE MASTER trilogy.

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