August Update

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of August and I haven’t posted an update for ages! I am now settled in our new house in Wales. It’s been ripped apart to install a new boiler system and we’ve slowly unpacked so we’re pretty much ‘there’. Though I still cannot find the box with our potato masher, rolling pin and the best garlic-press I ever had …

I have been writing and I’ll post about that at some point but on this occasion I thought it would be nice to just share a bit of the landscape in which I find myself.

I’ve spent some time rambling around this part of the country with my husband and whichever member of our family chooses to accompany us. It’s a beautiful and spectacular part of the world and we live very close to the World Heritage site of the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. We took a walk across it and with the wind blasting at you across the narrow path, it was a bit scary.

There are many stretches of canal around here, with the Llangollen and Shropshire Union canals, providing some nice ‘flat’ walks, which in a country like Wales is a bonus!

And we’ve also explored ancient landscapes, including a very steep climb up to Castell Dinas Bran at Llangollen.

And I think the River Dee must rate as one of the prettiest rivers in the country.

No post of mine would be complete without trees, so here are a few friends!

I’ll continue to share photos, especially as the season changes. Wales can get a bit wild in the colder months. You have been warned!

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