Daughters of Darkness

A New Year and a new start. I’ve been working quietly in the background on a project for some months with writers Theresa Derwin, Alyson Faye and Ruschelle Dillon. Together, the four of us have combined forces and put a selection of our stories in the one book, Daughters of Darkness.

So often you pick up an anthology containing a host of authors and a range of styles and each author usually only has one story amongst the pages. By keeping to a quartet, this collection allows you to really get to know the writers properly. What do you get from this small group?

We have Alyson Faye, writing western, creepy ventiloquist puppets, gothic crypts and great poetry.

Theresa Derwin dives into themes relating to women, their bodies and their relationships, a creature feature and occult detective timeslip.

Ruschelle Dillon includes quirky humour, hauntings – of person and place – horrific murders and a wonderful childlike tale that throws you offguard.

As for me – I’ve only included two stories but one is a novellete-length ghostly gothic tale, whilst the other is my own take on the pressures put on women with regard to personal beauty and appearance.

We have also been privileged to receive a foreward from HWA stalwart, Lee Murray. A terrific writer and one of the most supportive of authors.

Cover art is by Francois Vallaincourt and donated by Theresa Derwin.

The book is slated to be published in the middle of February and more details will be given nearer the time.

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