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A few years back, I joined up with writer friend David Shakes to produce the first of the Infernal Clock anthologies. The idea was Shakes’ and I came onboard to help see it to fruition. We have so far produced 3 anthologies: The Infernal Clock, CalenDark and DeadCades, although last year was a hiatus due to time pressures.

Now we have found the time to start the clock ticking again and create another in the series. This one will simply be called Inferno, its theme being the horrors found in the classic poem Dante’s Inferno.

We were going for invite only again but after drawing up a list of writers, many of whom we have written with over the years and a number of whom have already appeared in the Infernal Clock anthologies, I was struck by the lack of diversity. Recent events in terms of #BlackLivesMatter and the whole question of inclusivity made me realise we needed to open ourselves up more.

So, submission details:

Payment: £10 and ebook
Closing Date: 15th August 2020
Open to: LGBTQIA and POC
Length: 3-5k

The theme is Dante’s Inferno and each story will be set in one of the circles or the passages to/between circles. Whilst there are nine circles, there are a number of rings – or pouches – within each circle so there is a lot of scope. How you interpret your chosen circle/ring is up to you, eg it could be set below in the Inferno itself, it could focus on a particular sin, or you could recreate this hell actually on earth.

We are particularly interested in stories set in the Second and Eighth Circles as we do not have any of these yet, although you are welcome to write in the other circles as well.

Stories need to be dark (but with the usual boundaries against extremes and gratuitous violence/sex/language) and 3-5k with flexibility, although we would prefer 4k.

Stories must be submitted in standard manuscript format as .doc or .docx to

No multiple or simultaneous submissions. No reprints

Payment will be by paypal on publication.

If you have any queries please contact us at the above email address.


Want to know who you’ll be joining if your story makes it into the Inferno? Here you go:

Shannon Felton
Charlotte Platt
V. Castro
Alyson Faye
Stephanie Ellis
Kev Harrison
CC Adams
G.A Miller
Richard Meldrum
Robert Allen Lupton
David Shakes
Martin P. Fuller
Rhonda Jackson Joseph
Lionel Ray Green (note – an early invitee but due to circumstances, only recently able to respond)

We are also lucky to have Hailey Piper on board to write us a Foreword, whilst Tim Youster, who created the covers for the last two anthologies will be creating the artwork for this one.

We’re looking forward to making this one really special, so please, come and join us in the Inferno.

Steph and Shakes

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  1. Reblogged this on alysonfayewordpress and commented:
    Here is the line – up so far of the authors for the latest horror anthloogy from The Infernal Clock- including a call out for POC/LGBTQIA writers to submit.
    I am very happy and proud to be a part of this project and have already started my draft for the 3rd circle – Gluttony.


  2. It’s an honor to be invited to join these talented authors and take part in this project. I will absolutely do my best to add a positive contribution to this collection!


  3. Hi! Just to clarify: Your post says “Open to: LGBTQIA and POC,” and I wonder if that means you are looking for people who belong to *at least one* of those groups or if submitters *must belong to both* groups?


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