A Moment to Reflect

I have been waiting for a number of decisions on many submissions for a while now, mainly because I have submitted to publications with either far ahead closing dates or long turnaround times. This gets depressing … BUT there is always a silver lining and this is one of those moments as works long in the pipeline have emerged – or are emerging – into the light. This month has seen:

Thread of the Infinite

Thread of the Infinite (Snowbooks) is an industrial horror anthology containing my story, Transcending Nature. Due out 1st August, it is now available for pre-order. This story was written a few years back and accepted for publication but the initial press folded. Dean Drinkel, the editor, was however, determined it should see the light of day and pushed until he found a home for us all. Transcending Nature focusses on the drive of humans to become ever more efficient, in this case in the field of communication and the internet, without considering fully the consequences.


Poetry 6

This is an acceptance dear to my heart. My poem, Stringed Pearls, was accepted for this year’s HWA Poetry Showcase and to say I was overwhelmed by this is an understatement. To appear amongst the names listed in this TOC is an absolute dream. Joining the HWA has been one of the best moves I made.

To find out more about my poem, check out Gwendolyn Kiste’s blog in the near future when she will be holding a round table interview featuring the poets involved (and me!)


As many of you know, I co-edit Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear (TWF) online ezine. This weekly slot features a long piece of flash and a number of drabbles on Sundays, whilst other days sees us publishing serials and Unholy Trinities (three drabbles on a linked theme). Each year we collect the previous year’s stories together and offer them up for publication. This is our second year of publication and we already have 2019 ongoing. This week saw the publication (at last) of all the stories, and some poems, published at TWF. Year 2 contains all those stories published on our normal Sunday slot, ie the long flash and the drabbles (I do have a few drabbles inside). More Tales From the Tree is its companion and contains Unholy Trinities, Serials and Specials. Whilst a small volume this year, I know that next year’s companion is going to be a much bigger affair as we have had a considerable number of Trinities submitted and published and we also have a number of serials going forward. These anthologies are both available on amazon.

TWF features writers of all levels and is often that first stepping stone in publication for many. Horror Tree itself alerts writers to many submission calls as well as posting reviews, interviews and articles. We are very much a community at Horror Tree, run and overseen by the extraordinary Stuart Conover. We regard those who write and submit as family. Why not join us? All are welcome. You can find us on twitter @HorrorTree and Facebook at The Horror Tree.



Fable (Iron Faerie Publishing) is an anthology containing fairy tales but not as you know them. My story, They Wore Red, is a somewhat different re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood.





The Sirens Call


My gothic horror story, The Choir, features in this month’s edition of The Sirens Call. Free to read!





And last, but not least, my Visual Verse poetry submission, Exposure, is free to read here. Visual Verse is a fantastic writing exercise. One hour to write 50-500 words of poetry or prose and then submit. And I do obey the rules!

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  1. Fantastic round up of publication credits there Steph, you should be really pleased. love the cover of poetry showcase one too- very framable artwork in its own right.


  2. Reblogged this on alysonfayewordpress and commented:
    Here is Stephanie Ellis’s latest blog post, which is both a summation of where her work is available to read upcoming or just out but also lists submission ops for creative folk. Steph is co editor at the Horror Tree and is very supportive of writing folk. I can highly recommend her story, The Choir, in Siren’s Call, it is chilling and clever. Seek it out.


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