Coming Soon: Fable : an Altered Fairytale Anthology

5th July sees the release of Fable : an Altered Fairytale anthology from Iron Faerie Publishing but today allows you to get a sneak preview of the cover.

The anthology features a short story of mine, They Wore Red, which is a somewhat different, and perhaps slightly more gruesome tale of the origins of Red Riding Hood. If you read it – which I hope you will – you might find that perhaps Red Riding Hood does not exist, that the stories of the little girl in the red cloak were created to hide a barbaric ritual.

I had written the story before the submission call for the anthology as I wanted to revisit the idea of Red Riding Hood as more of a folk legend. Yes, there is a Grandma and the Woodcutter but who is the real evil and who is the force for good in the story? Why not twist accepted versions of a traditional tale and subvert them, go back to the darker side of our fairytale heritage, in other words, lose the Disney and be more Grimm. Sometimes the darkness hides a greater truth.

I can’t wait to get my own copy to see how the other contributors have changed the stories we all know and love, so that we can learn to love them all over again.

Find out a bit more about all the authors in Fable here. A full table of contents will be revealed at the end of May.


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