Final Destination – A Poem

As fellow FlashDogs have gathered their flash fiction into collections, I’ve been delving back into mine and found a poem (entered for a flash comp but filed with stories rather than my poetry). It rhymes, which is something I don’t do much of these days, but I do like the first verse …

The expected elements for this competition were: character – mercenary, setting – private plane, genre – poetry

Final Destination

Let the worm turn and the bones with them
Keep eyeless sockets locked in their tomb
Keep a coffined death away from me
As I take my place in the Judgement Room

Beneath, soft clouds may cushion me
Above, cruel ice embrace
As I glide across the heavens
Where from God I turned my face

For money, I have killed a man
Joined armies just for gold
Fought for the one who paid me most
To the Devil sold my soul

Around me all is silent
I am truly on my own
I am the one who carved my path
Must reap what I have sown

The engine’s drone becomes a scream
An echo from my past
As ghosts of countless victims
Sense justice near at last

Spectral fingers rip my flesh
Whilst fire warms my heart
Voices curse and damn me
Yet I was damned right from the start

I will not stand, I will not fight
I know the end is near
I have lived a Hell of misery
And have nothing left to fear

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