So here I am …

Welcome! If you found me it was either totally by accident, or possibly via the link on my old website. I knew the time for change was coming and, as I took my writing more seriously, I decided to take the plunge and create a new website on a different platform.

Why did I do this instead of staying with my previously free domain? Perhaps because it was getting slow, and a bit tired, and a bit worn … now it sounds as though I am describing myself … which is possibly too near the truth!

So, this new website comes as I have pulled a lot of my old published and unpublished work into one place. This summer has seen the publication of a collection of my dark verse in Dark is my Playground. Soon, I will have a collection of published and unpublished stories to unleash upon you all in The Reckoning and then finally, I will be gathering up the flash fiction which has sustained me over the past few years and putting that out too. That work is my baseline. It is my starting point, an illustration of who I am and where I might be going. There will be more to come but that is for the future …



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